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Galerie Old Chelsea

783 Route 105

Old Chelsea, QC

J9B 1P1

Located above Restaurant Les Fougères

Hours of Operation

Winter Hours

Wednesday to Sunday noon to 5:00 pm

For the most up-to-date information:

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Karen Wynne Mackay, a new artist/owner of Galerie Old Chelsea. Mackay is an abstract artist for whom nature and music play a big role in her creative process. She spends a lot of time in nature, both on water and land, be it by hiking, biking, or kayaking.  Her love of words, stories, music, and nature is apparent in each piece, one simply has to be open to the experience that comes when allowing one’s eyes to travel a painting, exploring the surface, colours and composition.


Her paintings are deeply manipulated surfaces, intertwined with coloured abstract markings that emanate from her calligraphic influences.   She uses colourful fluid layers, strong calligraphic marks using various handmade tools and media, allowing the layers to conceal and then reveal, until the composition is complete.   It’s a process of exploration, discovery, and beauty.


We invite you to drop by and see her dynamic and colourful works.

Resurgence through fibers” by Lina Maria Londonoe

27 January to 15 February

For more information, click here

Lina M Londono (1).jpg

Gallery Associate Artists

Affiliated Artists
Galerie Old Chelsea hosts a small number of local artists and fine craft artisans to offer a range of products and showcase local talent. The images shown for our Affiliated Artists are representative of the types of works they display in the Galerie and are not designed to show the full range of pieces available.


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