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Karen Wynne Mackay


Karen Wynne Mackay is an abstract artist.  Nature and music play a big role in her creative process, and she spends a lot of time in nature, both on water and land, be it by hiking, biking, or kayaking.  Her love of words, stories, music, and nature is apparent in each piece, one simply has to be open to the experience that comes when allowing one’s eyes to travel a painting, exploring the surface, colours and composition.


Her paintings are deeply manipulated surfaces, intertwined with coloured abstract markings that emanate from her calligraphic influences.   She uses colourful fluid layers, strong calligraphic marks using various handmade tools media, allowing the layers to conceal and then reveal, until the composition is complete.   It’s a process of exploration, discovery, pain and beauty.


Born in Montreal, Karen Wynne Mackay had the best of both worlds through which to fuel her creative imagination - from the City of Montreal to the West Island including the town of Hudson Quebec. She now resides in Stittsville Ontario, west of Ottawa.  Karen also organizes and teaches workshops in mark making, calligraphy and abstract art.


Karen’s paintings can be found in private collections in Quebec, Ontario including the Ontario Legislature Building, and part of the US. 

Available Works 

Potters Studio_Karen Wynne Mackay
Offside_Karen Wynne Mackay
Market in Naxos Greece
Acrylic 24" x 30" $600
Garden Splendor
Acrylic 12" x 12" $300
Morning Walk on The Island
Blue Flower Shop Window
Blooming Together
That day in Naxos
Flights of Fancy
Crying Garden
Green Seafront Scotland
Breaking Free
Three in a Row
Singular Love

Sold Works

Bubble Vases
Field View at Sunset
Joie de vivre
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