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October 16 – November 4

Lina Yachnin, watercolour & oils

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November 6 – 22

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November 14 – January 3

Christmas Market,

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“Through The Trees”

by Lina Yachnin

**The artist will be present: Sunday October 18, Friday October 23, Sunday October 25, Wednesday November 1-4


Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present new works in oil and watercolour by Lina Yachnin, a well-known local artist. For Yachnin, the Canadian landscape is her main inspiration and this show is focused on our relationship with trees. Using a semi-abstract approach and integrating the elements of composition and colour, she captures the extraordinary.

The landscape is always changing and painting the trees first, gives them primary importance. The background brings us into the scene and gives us a place to anchor ourselves within the space.

Says Lina Yachnin: “Our home in Quebec is in an old growth forest which I love. It has provided endless possibilities for colourful, energetic paintings.  It has been a gift of nature”.