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“Lyrical Abstraction” by Karen Wynne Mackay

September 22 to October 11, 2023

Vernissage: Friday September 22, 2 to 5 pm


Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the abstract paintings as inspired by “vessels” by Karen Wynne Mackay, one of the artist owners of the Galerie.  The word vessel is one of the few words that pertains to objects as well as feelings. Vessels are the keepers of all things natural - air, earth, water, and light. They encompass so much that is necessary and meaningful in our existence. Vessels can also be seen as spiritual, made by our human experience or by Mother Nature.


Mackay’s pieces speak of energy, spiritual freedom, the joy of colour and movement but also of infinite vessels, keepers or holders of all things, including life and death.  Her paintings are deeply manipulated surfaces, intertwined with coloured abstract markings that emanate from her calligraphic influences.   She uses fluid, colourful layers, strong calligraphic marks made with handmade tools and various media, allowing the layers to conceal and then reveal until the composition is complete. 

It’s a process of perception, discovery, and beauty.

Karen’s paintings can be found in private collections across Canada and primarily in Ontario and Quebec.  She even has one hanging in the Ontario Legislature Building in Toronto Ontario.  Karen also organizes and teaches workshops in mark making, calligraphy and abstract art.

Coming Exhibitions 2023



Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the impressionistic paintings of Marianne Feaver, one of the original Galerie owners. Feaver is drawn to the great outdoors and her love of nature is what she aims to capture in her art.


Whether it be a grandiose landscape or a close look at a clump of trilliums, Marianne employs vivid colours in a loose impressionistic style, using either acrylics or pastels.  Light and shadow guide her eye to the essence of the subjects she chooses to portray. The viewer’s eye is drawn through the composition to a vanishing point, creating depth. Most of her works reflect the environment she loves in the Gatineau Hills. Marianne’s paintings instill a sense of peace, and calm.


Works by Marianne Feaver form part of collections across Canada, Europe, and Asia.


November 3 to November 22 - Beth McCubbin

November and December - Christmas Market 

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