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“Gatineau Seasons” by John M Shearman

August 5 to 21, 2022 


Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present “Gatineau Seasons”, a collection of John M. Shearman’s latest works. Shearman is primarily a landscape painter and an amateur naturalist. He has a remarkable ability to distill the complexities of nature into a painting that captures the essence of the scene.  The challenge is to not be overwhelmed by the amount and variety of elements ...whether it be the effects of ripples reaching a rocky shore on the Gatineau River or sunlight breaking through the canopy of a cedar grove in the Park in early spring.

Coming from South Africa, John has a particular love for the abundance of the Canadian landscape and especially for the majesty of the forest trees ... a theme he comes back to time and again. Shearman, however; loves the challenge of change and will paint anything that interests his eye ... be it fishermen digging for bait on a lagoon in the Western Cape in South Africa, dogs running on a beach, a late summer on Parliament Hill or a view of the early autumn fields on Cross loop Road in Chelsea.  

John sees each painting as an adventure ... some have happy endings while others are seen as a necessary step towards a more successful painting.

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“For The Love Of Flowers” by Mette Baker

August 26 to September 11, 2022 - Thursday to Saturday 12 to 6 pm, Sunday 12 to 5 pm

VERNISSAGE: Sunday, August 28 from 1 to 4 pm
The artist will also be present: Thursday September 1st  12-5 pm; Saturday September 10 2-5 pm and Sunday September 11 1-4 pm

Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present a solo show by Mette Baker, one of its original owners for fifteen years. Mette has since exhibited in many solo and group shows around the world – in the U.S., Australia, Greenland, her native Denmark and of course Canada. 

Mette paints flowers and landscapes in all seasons, mostly using oil on canvas, her favourite medium, and enjoys both “plein air” and painting in her studio using her photos as inspiration. Though the beautifully varied colours of flowers are a constant inspiration for her, she is often struck by the lovely play of light in our different landscapes year-round.


Several years ago, Mette began transferring her originals onto fine fabrics and has since developed a line of clothing and accessories with her lovely designs, including scarves, dresses, and jackets.  She also developed a line of housewares such as tablecloths, aprons, tea towels and other items. The Galerie will offer a small selection of her Art-textiles during the show.

August 26 to September 11 - Mette Baker
September 16 to October 2 
- Pamela Stewart
October 7 to October 23 - Lina Yachnin
28 to November 13 - Ariel Lyons
November 18 to December 18 
- Traven Benner
December 9 to December 31 - Christmas Show  

Coming Exhibits - 2022

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February 17 to March 5 - Duane Henricks

March 10 to March 26 - Rene Charlevoix

March 28 to April 2 - School Show

April 7 to Apirl 23 - Julie Denoncourt

Apirl 28 to May 14 - Danielle Beaulieu

May 19 to June 4 - Catherine Djembe

June 9 to June 25 - Gordon Harwood

June 30 to July 16 - Catherine Veilleux

July 21 to August 6 - Lucie Willemsen and Pat Carbonneau

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September 1 to September 18 - Caroline Bertrand

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October 13 to October 29 - Brian Turner

November 3 to November 19 - Marianne Feaver

November 24 to December 10 - Beth McCubbin

December 14 to December 31 - Erin Thibault