July 23 - August 12
Pat Carbonneau

August 14 - September 2
Stanley Wang

September 4 - September 23
Paul Vincent

September 25 - October 14
Marianne Feaver

October 16 - November 4
Lina Yachnin

November 6 - November 25
Linda Girard

November 27 - January 6
Christmas Market


Ariel Lyons works instinctively as well, allowing colour, shape and pattern to express her experience of the moment, whether it occurred in her day-to-day surroundings or while travelling to other countries.  She gleans and depicts the shared traits and life experiences in her portrayals of those who capture her attention, allowing each painting to become a conversation between the subject, the artist and the viewer. 


This collection of portraits represents her time in Mexico, Morocco and Barbados.

Laurin’s characters are whimsical depictions of people who have left their mark on the artist, whether by a story they told, an experience they shared or a memory that left an indelible touch.  As Laurin tells us, she “re-presents” timelessness.  She works instinctively, allowing her emotional sensitivity to freely express itself.  Using a painting knife, she applies colour, builds strokes, and combines geometric shapes asymmetrically to her subject until they reveal their expressive and poetic nature.

Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to announce its reopening with the fascinating portraits by Laurin and Ariel Lyons, each with a very unique style, but both representing the universal in their depiction of those we meet in everyday life.

“Layers” by Pat Carbonneau

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Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present “Layers” by Ottawa artist Pat Carbonneau, an accomplished mixed media artist who brings a range of media to her works.  Over the years she has explored working with oil, acrylic, sumi-e brush painting, watercolor, collage, and she even took up gyotaku (the art of painting with real fish). Today she works primarily with mixed media, encaustics, and collage to create beautiful contemporary art through abstraction.


Carbonneau’s artwork is an expression of an inner experience, whether hers or that of others, as she expresses the universality of the human experience.  These often-unconscious energies point to issues that are usually both personal and universal.  Explains Carbonneau “I don’t always know why I choose a certain subject or colour, but I believe there is a connection with our shared inner world that comes into being though the act of creative expression”. 


Pat Carbonneau exhibits widely in the Ottawa area and is a well-known mixed media artist.