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Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the artwork by Elmwood students, an all-girls school in Ottawa. Every year the Galerie offers to showcase a different class of student artists, and this is the first year we are featuring an Ottawa school. 


These grade 11 and 12 students have explored a range of mediums and styles throughout the school year, working to strengthen their skills and develop as individual artists.  Students used repeating imagery and worked to develop processes to use abstraction effectively in their artwork.  This show is a representation of works that demonstrate their exploration and experimentation with mediums and styles that inspire and intrigue them.


This is when young people get the opportunity to experience what it is like to show one’s work in a professional gallery as a “real” artist.

Coming Exhibitions 2024

March 1 to March 20 - Noèmi Coté

March 22 to April 10 - Sarah Bradfield

April 12 to May 1 - Julie Poulin

May 3 to May 22 - Maryse Lemay

May 24 to June 12 - Danielle Doucet

June 14 to July 3 - Jaynie Coulteran

July 5 to July 24 - Dave Fisher

July 26 to August 14 - Kathryn Sauvé

Augsut 16 to 4 September - Chelsea Smith

6 September to 25 September - Peter Leckett

September 27 to October 16 - Lise Butters

October 18 to November 6 - Marianne Feaver

November 8 to November 26 - Robert Bradley

December 6 to January 8 - Christmas Show

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