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«Dreamlands »

by Richard Austin



Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present new work by Chelsea painter, Richard Austin.  Austin is a wanderer and his paintings capture what the eye gleans in the long view, or what the heart and mind move towards when taking in or experiencing the natural world.  He rambles and observes nature, and then takes up the brush to find out what the paint will do when creating the image.


His abstract still life and landscape acrylic paintings have a graphic quality that binds strong contours and shapes within a limited palette.  Earlier in his career, Austin painted in oil, blending soft edges and textures but in the last few years he’s been exploring acrylics and creating images with more defined contours, focusing on expressionist/abstract interpretations of still life and landscapes. These paintings are of simplified and distorted forms using limited colour palettes. Often in his creative work, Austin tries to challenge perception, perspectives and assumptions about nature and reality.

Richard Austin is a former art editor, graphic designer, indie-filmmaker and photographer.


Galerie Old Chelsea, owned by ten regional artists, is located in the beautiful Gatineau Hills above award-winning Les Fougères restaurant.



April 10 - April 29

June Harman

May 1 - May 20
Traven Benner

May 22 - June 10
Rob Fillion

June 12 - July 1
Pat Carbonneau

July 3 - July 22
Kate Green

July 24 - August 12
Joane D’Aoust

August 14 - September 2
Stanley Wang

September 4 - September 23
Paul Vincent

September 25 - October 14
Marianne Feaver

October 16 - November 4
Lina Yachnin

November 6 - November 25
Linda Girard

November 27 - January 6
Christmas Market

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