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"Resurgence through fibres"

27 January to 15 February


Its that most wonderful time of year again!! And here at the Galerie, we are celebrating the beauty of winter with a little something to warm the toes!! As a collective, we appreciate the beauty of this season and have created a show to add a little sun in your home. Warm and cozy is where we lean in winter, and it is as nature intended: the days are shorter, the nights are longer, so the heart of the home and the hearth is where we gather.  

Come and see what our amazing artists have created with this show that generates warm and vibrant colors.  Celebrating the beauty of the season but with a twist of vibrant reds, yellows, and gold.  Our group show is certain to warm the spirit. 

Coming Exhibitions 2023

Galerie Old Chelsea is pleased to present the amazing textile sculptures by Lina Maria Londoño, originally from Colombia and now living in our region.  Londoño makes sculptural work out of a wide range of textile fibres and has been experimenting with different techniques since the late 1990’s, specifically focusing on materials such as cotton, jute, dyed sisal, and wool. Her work is driven by ancestral methods of weaving, focusing on creating new compositions that intricately connect fibres with the natural world.

“Canada is my second home” Londoño tells us “This country welcomed me with open arms in my late forties and I have adapted to my new country by absorbing and experimenting with materials found in nature. My practice allows me to continue my journey into self-discovery, and I will always be grateful for this.”

Lina Maria Londoño’s work can be found in private collections in North and South America.  Drop by and see this tactile show that very much grounds us in nature.


February 17 to March 8 - R. Duane Henricks

March 10 to April 5 - René-Lyne Charlebois

April 7 to April 26 - Julie Denoncourt

April 28 to May 17 - Danielle Beaulieu

May 19 to June 7 - Catherine Veilleux

June 9 to June 28 - Gordon Harwood

June 30 to July 19 - Karen Wynne MacKay

July 21 to August 9 - Lucie Willemsen and Pat Carbonneau

August 11 to August 30 - To be confirmed

September 1 to September 20 - Brian Turner

September 22 to October 11 - Rob Fillion

October 13 to November 1 - To be confirmed

November 3 to November 22 - Marianne Feaver

November 24 to December 13 - Beth McCubbin

December 14 to January 3 - Erin Thibault

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