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Bob Roszell

Wood Turner

Bob Roszell is a very skilled wood turner and his bowls delight all those who view them at Galerie Old Chelsea. RW ARt Woodturnings are crafted from local Ottawa/Gatineau downed trees.


The wood is partially processed and allowed to air dry for a number of
months. Thereafter the pieces are completed on a lathe. All pieces are unique depending on the nature of the raw wood and interpretation while producing the turning.


Bob’s great skill is in revealing the most beautiful grain of the wood to enhance the design of the bowl.


Every carefully crafted piece is completed with a natural wood interior and all are foodsafe. Any colouring of the wood is achieved with dye to enhance the grain of the wood. The type of finish for each piece is on record at the gallery.


Bob is also be happy to arrange for custom pieces, should there be a request made at
the gallery.

#5639 Manitoba Maple bowl
#5640 Large bowl with lid, Manitoba Maple,
#5641 Large bowl Elm wood
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