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Nancy Sutton


Available Works 

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Nancy Sutton creates classic, elegant jewellery that is comfortable to wear. She enjoys working with all sorts of stones, pearls, glass, crystal, silver, gold, copper and incorporating vintage pieces. She began creating jewellery in 2003, and took courses in silver work and jewellery techniques while experimenting with her own ideas.

As a child, Nancy's grandparents ran an antique shop in an old barn on their property in Vermont. She loved to spend time looking at all the items, especially the old jewellery, and seeing the pieces worn by her mother and grandmother. Her father, who was an accomplished artist, encouraged her to be creative.

Her jewellery is owned by individuals in Canada, China, France, Poland, Sweden, and the USA. She hopes that the beauty of the stones and unique designs will be enjoyed for years to come.

Nancy has shown her jewellery at the Hospice at May Court (Homes for the Holidays), Art in the Park, Urban Art at Minto Park, the Old Ottawa South Art Festival, the Glebe Community Centre and the Ottawa Gem & Mineral Show.

#1204 Hubei Turquoise, Jane & Pearls $225

#1203 Turquoise, Apatite & Ruby Zoiste $166

#1203 Turquoise, Apatite & Ruby Zoiste $166

1197 Ocean jasper & moukite $198

#1196 Terra agate, jade and silver $ 205

# 1194 Dumoriterite, & chancedony $275

#1192 Tiger Eye & gold $ 225

# 1191 Citrine and malachite $ 195

#1189 Assorted Stones and Silver $ 230

#1187 Amazonite & Turquoise $ 205

#1179 Chanceldony and Turquoise $ 168

#1174 Ocean jasper & pearl $132

#1166 Cuprite, chrysoprase, gold coated $225

#1163 Morango Quartz & Outback Jasper $240

#1152 Morango quartz & wood opalite fossil $275

#1137 Turquoise Onyx $ 260

#1038 Banded agate, lapis, silver $ 225

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