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Yuliya Chernyshova


Yuliya Chernyshova is a local artist who graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Russia at the age of 11. Born in Russia, Yuliya moved to Canada where she obtained a bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from the University of Montreal. About ten years ago, she chose to devote herself to her art career. Yuliya has been profoundly influenced by the sea as she grew up on the Black Sea in Crimea where she spent hours observing the waves and studying the colour variation of the water and the light’s effect on it.

"My deep connection with the sea, its movement and its colours inspire my art. The bright green and blue hues, painted layer by layer, absolutely fascinate me".

Yuliya has worked in oils for over a decade and first explored soft pastel a few years ago. "I fell in love with the texture and the way the pastel particles reflect the light. I spent an entire year by the sea in France exploring this medium".

Available Works 

Vanilla Evening_Yuliya Chernyshova
Small Boat #2_Yuliya Chernyshova
Small Boat #4_Yuliya Chernyshova
Small Boat # 5_Yuliya Chernyshova
Small Boat #3_Yuliya Chernyshova
Sea Dust #1_Yuliya Chernyshova
Small Boat #1_Yuliya Chernyshova

Sold Works

Cold Waters II_Yuliya Chernyshova
Sea Sigh_Yuliya Chernyshova
Somewhere South_Yuliya Chernyshova
Rocks and Waves 1_Yuliya Chernyshova
Cold Waters I_Yuliya Chernyshova
Rocks and Waves #2_Yuliya Chernyshova
Brise d'été # 1_Yuliya Chernyshova
Brise d'été #2_Yuliya Chernyshova
Brise d'été #3_Yuliya Chernyshova
Horizon_Yuliya Chernyshova
L'été chaud_Yuliya Chernyshova
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