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Donna Troop

The process of felt making is a true passion of Donna's. After spending a number of years exploring different mediums including weaving and watercolours, she was introduced to wool and felting and fell in love with this ancient craft. Since then, Donna has explored and experimented with different techniques and from that emerged her current interest in creating clothing using wool and silk. She has exhibited her work in Canada and abroad.


The tactile and restriction-free nature of wool allows Donna to create truly unique felt pieces of contemporary, wearable art in the form of nuno-felted wraps, scarves, vests, jackets, tunics, ponchos, bags and hats. All of her pieces are rich in colour – some are made with vibrant, hand-dyed silk pieces and others from the colours of nature that have been dyed directly onto the felted fabric that she has created.   


Donna uses only the very finest silks and wools in making her garments, and enjoys making unique pieces to order.