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Marilyn Smith

   Mixed Media


In Marilyn's studio on the Gatineau River, she begins with scribbles in wax crayon or pencil, or scraping acrylic gels into fanciful textures, followed by dripping and flinging paint. Then, through much thought and experimentation, she transforms the resulting chaos into a cohesive, expressive painting. Her aim is to reveal her creative energy, her love for this process, and the risks taken to create art. Memories from Marilyn’s travels often sneak into her subject matter.

Marilyn’s enthusiasm for this mixed-media process flourished while studying under the award-winning and internationally renown artists Mary Todd Beam and Gerald Brommer. Marilyn has a B.A. in Fine Art from University of Guelph and a B.Ed. from Queen’s University. She occasionally teaches drawing, watercolour, and mixed media painting.


Every Fall, Marilyn participates in the juried Chelsea & Wakefield Studio Tour. She exhibits frequently with the Ottawa Mixed Media Artists, as well as other regional special exhibits. She art in collections across Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Taiwan, Scotland, and England. She won the Jurors’ Choice Award at the White Flag Gallery in Brockville in 2014.


She loves outdoor activities and is passionate about anything related to her community. She volunteers for many events and organizations in Wakefield, Quebec, and led a community art project in 2014.

Available Works 

Memories of Rajasthan II
Mother, Mother
Connection # 1
Music The Great Connector
Ancient Recipe #2

Sold Works

Birds on a Wire II
The Hidden Pearl

Mixed Media 20" x 40"

Deeper into the Magic
Autumn's Arrival

Mixed Media 36" x 30"

The Gathering Place I

Mixed media 8" x *'

The Gathering Place II

Mixed media 8" x 8"

The She Tribe

Mixed media 12" x 12"

Market Street

Mixed Media 25" x 35"

Urban Rendezvous

Mixed media 30" x 36"

Honey in the Cracks

Mixed media 40" x 50"

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