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Diane Lemire


Diane Lemire is a multidisciplinary artist. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, nature, and her own life. She creates mixed-media sculptures, textile art, and paintings that evoke a sense of time, place, and forgotten memories.

For the past 15 years, Diane has experimented with felting techniques, seduced by the ancient craft of working with wool. She is always exploring new ways to bring together natural fibres and recycled materials. All of her pieces involve reclaiming materials, selecting found objects, and imagining stories. This lengthy, intuitive, and selective process is central to her work. For example, she might use beautiful transparent silks, or create unusual printed fabric, then add fragments of lace which carry traces of knowledge and tradition from previous generations, and small found objects which take on special meanings when incorporated into her work. Like a chameleon, they undergo a transformation and become part of a deeper narrative.

The fusion of water, human energy, and a variety of materials gives life to this delicately beautiful and fragile creation.

Diane is pleased to share with you her passion for this art form.

Felted Silk Scarf
Silk scarf
Felted scarf
Felted silk scarf
Dress hat
3D Scarf
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