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Marianne Feaver

Oil and Pastel


Available Works 

Tranquilité d'un fin de journée
Evening Enchantment
November is Alive With Colour
I Can See For Miles and Miles
Marshes in Full Splendor
Misty Morning
L'Outaouais au loin
Fin d'une belle journée
Babbling Brook
White Whimsy
La mer éternelle
Marianne Feaver
Marianne Feaver 3

Marianne’s childhood took her to many different countries, introducing her to many cultures and languages. She pursued her passion for art in Mexico obtaining a BA in Fine Arts and Spanish Literature at the University of the Americas. She worked as a graphic artist in Greece, and an art consultant in Montreal.


Her creativity took another form when she worked in the film industry in Montreal for 14 years. Among many projects, she co-directed a documentary on Quebec artist Jean-Paul Riopelle for the National Film Board. In 1984, she moved to Ottawa with her family where she began painting in earnest, taking refresher courses at the Ottawa School of Art and the Nepean School of Art.

Marianne is fascinated with nature; from the delicate petals of an oriental peony to the sculptural lines of an iceberg. She enjoys observing light in its natural state, such as rays of sunlight passing through branches in a forest, or the reflections off a shimmering pond. Her passion lies in capturing these moments in painting (in the open air or at her studio) and applying her signature « joie de vivre » through the use of colour, light and shadow.


In addition to her annual solo shows at Galerie Old Chelsea, she regularly participates in Ottawa area group shows and displays her paintings in Ottawa restaurants. She has taught painting for the City of Ottawa. Her works are featured in private collections in Canada, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

Sold Works 

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