Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil


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Born in 1958 in Gatineau, Nicole Laurin is a multidisciplinary Quebec artist.


Art from childhood

Already as a child, she is interested in singing and drawing. In 1977, she joined a popular music group as a singer. For many years, she collaborated on musical projects and is now a singer and songwriter. At the same time, in 1999, she began studying art in graphic design and moved to the Îles de la Madeleine for a graphic designer position. After 3 years she returned to Gatineau where she began to paint. Since 2011, painting is her preferred means of expression.


Painting emotion

For the past 10 years, Laurin has been expressing herself through painting. The artist works by instinct, letting go of her emotions through characters with profond personalities. The pictorial approach first begins with spatula strokes of paint using color of the moment.

The artist moves away, gets closer, turns the canvas until the shape of the character comes alive. Then, it is by combining the textures and the colors with the brush that is revealed the expression of her characters. The purpose of her work is to give emotion to the portrait, like a chorus to a song.


Nicole Laurin's emotional characters have been exhibited on numerous occasions at personal and private exhibitions in Quebec. In 2016, her work was rewarded during the Traces Arts Visuels event.

De mon salon
La tête en roses
Les Promeneuses
Rendez-vous gallant

Sold Works

Cinq minutes dans la lune
Coup de foudre
La Fable
La Fable