Helen Boutilier-Inglis

Stained Glass

Available Works 

Helen designs and creates stained glass to convey her love of colour, texture and light. She often incorporates "found" items and "treasures" to add perspective, depth or complexity. Her influences include Charles Rennie Macintosh, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Benjamin Chee Chee.

Light and colour have always drawn her attention, whether touring medieval churches in Europe or modern art galleries. For Helen, working with stained glass has opened a door to the excitement and passion that comes from translating concepts and ideas into creations.

Helen's work is on display in homes across Canada, and in the United States, England, New Zealand, and Australia.

Light Heart-ed
HS - Celebration Square
HS - Global Enthusiasm
PS - Capisci 12
PS - Capisci  Zoom
Amethyst Rose
Festival of Bubbles
Free Falling
Meet Me In New York
Proof Positive (Heritage Series)
Rough Seas

Works Sold

Three Sisters
The Distillery District
High Tea With The Tutburys
Sa Majesté
The Journey
Catching Some Rays
Free Falling

(Privacy Screen Series) 8'' x 26'' $ 250 Helen Boutilier Inglis