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Tracey O'Sullivan



For me, lapidary and metal work elicit a feeling of anticipation and excitement. Anticipation of what is possible… the challenge of figuring out how it might work… and then taking the leap to do it. Of course, they both require patience and perseverance when things do not go as planned, and that is a part of the process. With stone and metal, I’m as excited when I see the raw material —bursting with potential— as I am when I look at the finished piece.


As a lapidary artist and silversmith, I make contemporary jewelry using stone, metal and glass. Stone carving, forging, stamping, lost wax casting and enameling are some of my favourite techniques. I work out of my studio in Chelsea, Québec. 


In 2017, I began doing lapidary and making jewelry to compliment my career in education and research. I received my training in metal work and jewelry techniques at École de joaillerie de Montréal, after an introduction to lapidary at the Ottawa Lapidary and Mineral Club. I have shown my work in cities across Québec and Ontario, and recently won an award at École de joaillerie de Montréal for my CAIRDEAS bracelet made of sterling silver and stone, with a handmade clasp. I am one of the artists on the Chelsea Wakefield Studio Tour.


The metal I typically use is sterling silver, and for some pieces I incorporate gold. For enamel, I use copper or fine silver as the base. For my pieces, often the stone or enamel piece is the starting point for the design. For other pieces, the design springs from an interesting shape or concept— often integrating organic and fluid curves.

Examples of Pieces Available 

Calalily ring
Callalily Scarf Ring sterling silver $255
CAIRDEAS sodalite pendant in sterling silver, 17" snake chain $145
Wave ring
Cuff bracelet, sterling silver $ 355
Handstamped ring
CAIRDEAS bracelet

Examples of Pieces Sold

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