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Jennifer Anne Kelly


Jennifer spends a great deal of time pondering the light, shadows, and reflections of the water and translates that in new techniques. Much of Jennifer’s threedimensional work is focused on glass nests, wings, and glass fused into reclaimed wood and stone. This work is a celebration of our natural world as a fable. Jennifer twists reality and imagination by creating new interpretations of what is naturally found. This body of work is the result of intense passion and dreams, overcoming fear, and delighting in the mystical. Her work has been shown at Cirque Du Soleil boutiques internationally, and select galleries in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Her five-foot wings titled “Aspire” were featured in a Canada wide glass exhibit in Toronto in 2018.


Winter 2019/20 saw the unveiling of a large-scale sculpture project with the Ottawa Inuit community. The 17’ glass and wood qajaq stands on permanent display at the Ottawa General Hospital. 150 glass raindrops are on permanent display at the Ottawa Centretown Health Centre. A large installation titled “Flock” “Volée” will be unveiled at the top of the bell tower at St. Charles Market on Beechwood Avenue in Ottawa in fall of 2020 for permanent display. Jennifer enjoys the magic of glass in the smallest sculptures to the largest public installations. According to Jennifer, glass is an important element in every environment. 

Bandubh Royal Blue King
Small Bowls
Checkers 2
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