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Bhajan Pottery


I love making useful pots that bring beauty to our daily routines.  In a world that is trying to reconnect to objects, pottery is a great bridge between the maker and the consumer.  A well-made pot can remind the user that each moment is special and raise a simple moment into one of celebration.


Nature plays a big part in my work.  Living in the Gatineau Hills, I love being able to see the stars and moon and to enjoy the river as it parades by.  And the trees that greet me on my walks - singing their songs with the wind and reminding me to breathe.   


My pieces are handcrafted by me from start to finish.  I love the process of throwing on the wheel and then the cathartic step of trimming a piece to articulate its final shape.  I then use slips and underglazes to add a carving surface where I can explore contrast and design.  After the first firing (bisque), I wax over the carved surfaces of the pot and to allow for the matt tones of the slips to contrast with the glazed part of the piece.  


All the colourful glazes I use are food safe. I fire my pots in an electric kiln to cone 6, often with both my fingers and toes crossed, and I am always offered a surprise upon opening the kiln. 


All the pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.  Please handle with care as one good hit can cause your pots to leak.

Tall Wakefield Mugs
Round Jar
Small Teapot
Lidded Serving Dish
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