Erin Thibault

 Acrylic, Oil

Available Works 

I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t awed by my natural surroundings. The myriad of wonder, trees heavy with snow or in full bloom, light cascading along rivers and lakes, the natural world captures my attention each day as though seeing for the first time. My work explores this play of color, shadow and light… the constant movement and shifts as the seasons change. There is just so much beauty. Can we learn to truly honor our natural world, to work in a symbiotic relationship in order to preserve the wild spaces, the wild beings that too, call this place home? I paint what I see every day, perhaps as a show of appreciation.

There are black ravens whirling outside my window, moving above the giant oaks….. the wing of the bird and its contrast against the white snow, bare branches and the violet sky are a lifetime’s worth of work.

Erin Thibault

Clouds Over Cantley
First Snow
Windswept Venteux
Into The Night

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Wonder of Winter